The Phenomics Academic Subgroup is founded in July 2019 with the approval of Biophysical Society of China, serving as an academic and popular science group formed voluntarily by workers in Phenomics workers nationwide.

The goals of Phenomics Academic Subgroup are shown as follow:

– Integrating the research advantages of domestic universities, research institutes, medical institutions and industry in Phenomics

– Promoting the development of outstanding talents in the field of Phenomics in China

– Achieving major breakthroughs in the research fields of plant phenotypes, animal phenotypes, and human phenotypes by the Chinese teams

– Providing decision support for crop breeding cultivation and agricultural practice

– Accelerating progress in providing an effective mechanism in mammalian gene functions and phenotype formation and association networks

– Facilitating basic research on disease mechanism and therapy development

– Leading the new direction of science and technology, gathering world class innovation forces and achieving stronger international discourse right

On the other hand, Phenomics Academic Subgroup remains fully committed to popularizing Phenotypic knowledge, prevention-oriented health concept and ideas of human health community, as well as supports the initiation of ” Human Phenotype Group International Science Project” wholeheartedly.

In August 2019, the first committee election and the founding congress were held in Tianjin. Professor Wu Tangchun from Huazhong University of Science and Technology was elected as the chairman of the first committee.

Today there are 342 people from over 50 organizations nationwide registered as member in Phenomics Academic Subgroup.

According to the respective mandates, Ethics and Regulation Working Group, Phenotypic Measurement Technology Working Group, Data Analysis and Sharing Working Group and Youth Committee Working Group are set under Phenomics Academic Subgroup.

We sincerely welcome researchers to join the Phenomics Academic Subgroup of the Biophysical Society of China!