The Second International Symposium of Human Phenomics

HUMAN PHENOME PROJECT, seen as another strategic commanding height after the Human Genome Project, will provide new breakthroughs and paradigms for biomedical research, comprehensively interpret the key information needed for human life code, and lead the development of precision medicine and the healthcare industry.

On October 30-November 3, 2018, the 2nd International Symposium of Human Phenomics will be held at Shanghai Parkyard Hotel, No.699 Bibo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone, Pudong District, Shanghai. This symposium is jointly organized by Fudan University, State Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering and Shanghai International Human Phenome Institute, co-organized by Biophysical Society of China, jointly undertaken by Human Phenome Institute Fudan University, School of Life Sciences Fudan University and Collaborative Innovation Center of Genetics and Development.

The theme of this symposium is PHENOMICS AND HUMAN HEALTH. Nobel Prize winners and experts will be invited to deliver academic presentations and discussions on the following aspects, including Phenomics and Health Markers, New Phenotypic Measurement Technologies and Big Data Mining, Phenome Mapping, Phenomics and Precision Medicine, as well as Phenotypic Formation Principles and Regulatory Mechanisms. The symposium will provide a high-level communication platform for phenomenological and biomedical workers.

We warmly invite and welcome colleagues from all walks of life in the biology and medicine related fields to participate in this event! Looking forward to your attendance!