The 3rd International Symposium of Human Phenomics

Human Phenome Project, seen as another strategic commanding heightafter the Human Genome Project, will provide new breakthroughs and paradigmsfor biomedical research, comprehensively interpret the key information neededfor human life code, and lead the development of precision medicine and the healthcare industry.

Biennially held since 2016, International Symposium of Human Phenomics aims to provide a platform and facilitate discussions and communications of the cutting-edge research in phenomics and the related fields worldwide.

This year, the conference will be held online on October 23rd –26th, 2020. The deliberations will be on the theme “Phenomics and Human Health”with 4 sessions, including Pilot Research in Covid-19, Ethics and Research Integrity in Phenomics, Technology and Standards in Phenomics, and Data Sciences and Phenomics.

We warmly invite and welcome colleagues from all walks of life inthe biology and medicine related fields to participate in this event! Looking forward to your attendance!